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Top 10 FAQ's


Click on our top 10 list to just to the most commonly asked questions.

Getting Started


Getting Started covers most questions relating to new people joining dappdapp.

Questions such as what is my Dapper, how to install the app and many more...

General FAQ's


This secion covers all the general questions people ask, many of these questions relate to features within the App and covers topics such as settings, how to send a chat etc.




Guide for Parents


If you are a Parent and you are looking for a quick guide and topics which may be relevant to your child using dappdapp, this section will prove to be very useful.


dapps Rewards program


This sections relates to all rewards related questions we get. It will also be useful to read this section as it will give you a lot of clarity on how our Rewards work and how they are calculated.


Frequently Asked Questions:


We have compiled our FAQ's into differnt topics for your easy referencing. Please select a catergory which best describes what you are looking for:

Guidelines for charities


This section deals with all charity related questions.


The benefits of dappvertising


This sections will help you have a better understanding or our intentions and reasons for advertising.



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